This listing is a Bid Day PRE-ORDER for individuals that do not know what sorority they will be joining. You will place your order for the size gift set you will be needing ( both garments are sold in the same size). Once the bid is received you will show your receipt and let the cashier know which sorority you need, (Kappa Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Kappa, or Phi Mu), and the size pack for that sorority will be pulled for you in that size, and given to you when you pickup.

This set comes in a gift bag ready to give.


The pack includes:

*T-shirt (some t-shirts are 100% cotton & others are a ploy cotton blend depending on color)

*Cup (22 oz)

*button (3")

*Keychain (may be square or rectangle)



Sorority Congrats Gift Set, Sorority T-shirts, Sorority Keychains, Sorority Cups